Questions and Answers

Q1. How can I participate in the online consultations?

A1. You can join upcoming consultations on our Let’s Talk Veterans platform.

Let’s Talk Veterans is an online consultation and engagement platform that gives Canadians, Veterans and their families the opportunity to provide direct feedback to VAC.

Q2. Why is VAC consulting about recording/monitoring calls?

A2. Following the release of the Investigation into inappropriate discussions of MAiD, VAC committed to launching a consultation that would help determine if recording calls between Veterans and their Case Managers and/or Veteran Service Agents may help prevent such problems going forward. We want to hear from Veterans, their families, and the public about this approach. Currently, the only calls VAC records are those to the National Contact Centre Network (NCCN).

We are also reviewing other federal and provincial government departments’ policies related to recording conversations with clients. All input gathered will help to refine a proposed way forward in improving how Veterans access and receive services. Veterans can rest assured that no changes will be made until after a full and thorough consultation process has taken place.

Q3. How long will this consultation run?

A3. This consultation is running for two weeks, from 5 June 2023 to 19 June 2023.

Q4. Who should participate in this consultation?

A4. We would like to hear from Veterans themselves and anyone else with an interest in this topic. That includes family members, caregivers and other individuals who play a critical role in supporting Veterans.

Q5. How will the information gathered by Let’s Talk Veterans be used?

A5. Feedback gathered through Let’s Talk Veterans will be used to inform VAC policy and guide decisions. A full report on the results of this consultation will be available to the public through the Let’s Talk Veterans website as will a record of the actions we plan to take as a result of the feedback we receive.

Q6. Where can I learn more about Let’s Talk Veterans?

A6. You can find more information at

Q7. Where can I find the results for this consultation?

A7. You will be able to read the full report at

Q8. How will you ensure my privacy is protected during the consultation process?

A8. We take your privacy seriously. Participation in this consultation is voluntary and the privacy of participants is protected. For online consultations, participants are encouraged to use a screen name that is not similar to their own and avoid sharing any personal details that could allow them to be identified. If you volunteer to participate in a consultation, you are protected by Canada’s privacy laws. The findings that will be included in final reports are anonymous.

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