What is the Federal Health Claims Processing Services contract?

    The FHCPS contract includes services and systems to:

    • approve health care benefits and services;
    • process VAC, CAF and RCMP health claims;
    • respond to clients’ questions about health benefits and services;
    • maintain a network of health care service providers; and
    • support VAC, CAF and RCMP policies and processes (audit, reporting and financial controls)

    Currently these services are provided through a contract with Medavie Blue Cross that ends 31 July 2026.

    Why is Veterans Affairs Canada seeking a new FHCPS contract?

    We are seeking a new contract because the current one expires in 2026. The procurement process will be open, fair and competitive. We are committed to continue providing better and faster benefits and service for Veterans and their families.

    Will this impact my benefits and services?

    No. There will be no change for Veterans and their families. We anticipate a seamless transition, providing uninterrupted service that will ultimately lead to better and faster results.

    How will a contractor be selected?

    Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC) will work with us to run the selection process. They will select a Fairness Monitor to oversee each step of the process for fairness and transparency.

    The main goals for the procurement project include:

    • consulting with stakeholders;
    • awarding a contract that provides the best possible health care benefits and services to Veterans, their families, CAF and the RCMP and achieves value for money; and
    • uninterrupted transition of services to the new contract before 1 August 2026.

    What is the term and dollar amount of the contract?

    The term and dollar amount of the contract will be determined once it is awarded in early 2024.

    What are the next steps in the FHCPS procurement project?

    The current FHCPS contract will end in July 2026. A Request for Proposal (RFP) was posted in March 2023 for industry bids. To allow enough time for the successful bidder to be ready for service delivery, the contract for these services will be announced in early 2024. This will allow for a seamless transition for clients by 1 August 2026.

    How will my privacy be protected if a new contractor is chosen?

    We take the responsibility of protecting the privacy rights of all our clients very seriously. The new contractor must confirm all information concerning our clients is protected under the Privacy Act and that all Government of Canada security standards are met at all times.