Accessibility FAQs

    What was the process for this consultation?

    This consultation was undertaken on our consultation platform, Let’s Talk Veterans.                    

    Let’s Talk Veterans is an online consultation and engagement platform that gives Canadians, Veterans and their families the opportunity to provide direct feedback to VAC.

    Why did Veterans Affairs Canada and the Veterans Review and Appeal Board do a consultation on accessibility?

    The Accessible Canada Act and the Accessibility Strategy for the Public Service of Canada require that persons with disabilities be consulted when identifying accessibility barriers and in any planning for how to prevent and remove them.

    We did this consultation to make VAC and VRAB more accessible by hearing directly from those who may be impacted by these barriers.

    How was this consultation funded?

    The consultation on accessibility used existing funding.

    Who participated in the consultation on accessibility?

    This consultation was open to Veterans, their family members and other Canadians who wished to identify accessibility barriers at VAC and/or VRAB, and possible actions to prevent and remove them.

    How will the information gathered from the consultation be used?

    Feedback gathered from the consultation will be used to identify accessibility barriers within VAC and VRAB directly from those who may be impacted. We will also use suggestions from the consultation related to  possible actions to prevent and remove these barriers. 

    These barriers may be:

    •           Physical and/or architectural

    •           Technological 

    •           Information and communications

    •           Attitudinal

    •           Systemic

    A report on the results of the consultation will be available to the public through the VAC website in fall 2022.

    How can Veterans, their families and other consultation participants continue to learn about consultations available on Let’s Talk Veterans?

    VAC uses various outreach and communications platforms to ensure the broadest and most diverse number of voices are participating in all planned consultations.